NPR Goose Step or Your Fired!

Juan Williams, long time announcer for National Public Radio recently got his walking papers for giving his honest opinion during his guest appearance on Bill O'Riley's TV program. 

Juan alluded to the fact he would be concerned and be a little uneasy; not quite feel sure of his safety, if he were to get on a plane and see people in Muslim attire on the plane with him.  He used his own words to describe the unease he would be honestly feeling. just as I'm using my own to tell you about the incident.

For speaking honestly what he would be experiencing at that time, he was fired.

Doesn't a legal USA citizen have the right to voice HER/HIS personal opinions?  He didn't yell FIRE! He didn't say he'd attack that person, or give any indication he would harm that person in any way.  He simply would be thinking to himself the feelings he expressed in honest open response to Bill and his conversation on Bill O'Riley's program.

Since when does an employer get to dictate what an employee can say or THINK especially on that employee's own private time off  her/his job? 

Excuse me!  Just because a person performs a task for which they are hired, during the hours they are paid to perform those tasks, and follows guidelines the employer sets DOES NOT give that employer Carte Blanch OWNERSHIP of that employee 24 hours of every day 7 days a week. When ANY employee is on their own time; meaning they aren't receiving compensation from their employer for that time; then they have every right under the United States Constitution afforded any legal United States citizen.  And as said citizen retains all rights afforded them by that Constitution; one of which is FREEDOM OF SPEECH; which includes freedom of verbalized thoughts.

I have lost respect for that once revered Network.  And I applaud Juan for refussing to accept their attempt at giving him his job back. They only offered it after finding out how many people were upset by their rediculous actions.  I won't be donating any more money to them as I did in the past when I believed they were different from the other biased news networks.  But they aren't different!
In fact, I've gotten a whole new appreciation for FOX Network, for immediately HIRING Juan.  So Goose step to your own furor NPR.  I know not to believe all you say.  I also won't believe Fox News is totally biased; NOT ANY MORE!

I'm with you Juan!  I'd feel uneasy too, because I don't know what to expect from people I don't understand.  And that's normal for any situation where we are out of our comfort zones.  If people can't understand that, then they are the ones that need to look at themselves; not the reverse.  To much political correctness is destroying our country and our people.  Thank God there are still people LIKE YOU who are willing to stand up and speak their minds; giving honest opinions when asked.  It's refreshing, and I say, Bravo!

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