Help! I have Birds..... Help!

Boy, there’s a sucker born every minute.  P. T. Barnum was right!   I am now in that group of suckers.  How?  LOL  I volunteered to baby-sit a couple parakeets until the mom (bad mother) came back for them.  These poor little orphans have me wanting to be like Fagan.  “Get out and earn your keep!”

Right now they are chirping their brains out, like Oliver, “Please sir can I have some more?”  Only this goes on 24/7 with the one (female).  God!  I want to pinch her head off.
OMG… It got quiet.  
This female named, Sweetie, loves to rattle the food cups, cuddle bone, bug repellent tin, water (spills it all over every time it’s filled) throws the cups on the bottom of the cage along with any other toys she can get there.  
Her counter part (they are a mated pair) Ernie, sits there and sings.  She beats him up.  He sings!  She’s destroying the cage.  He sings!  She throws him off the perch.  He complains and then he sings.  Yep.  Ernie just sings.  Right through his naps he’s singing.  

Now there is a background story here.  I originally purchased Ernie as a friend and companion for my cockatiel friend, Rosey.  Ernie got given to my grandson along with a cage and lived there for a couple years.  James got Sweetie for Ernie.  

One day this lady said she wished she could have some birds after meeting my Rosey and her mate at the time, Popeye.  So I asked James if he still wanted Ernie and Sweetie because I had heard they were up for grabs since he got involved in sports.  
Long story short, she took them.  Supposedly fell in love with them and them with her.
Good ending ……right?   One would think so wouldn’t one?
She gets a job 50 miles away and asks me to take care of them until she can get situated.
I’m thinking a month maybe, so I say ok.  It’s been over 2 months now and she doesn’t contribute anything to their upkeep.  Never comes to see them.  So I’m opening my eyes to the fact she’s dumped them on me.  
Now I’m stuck with 4 birds and I only wanted my 2.

Know any good recipes for parakeet?


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