Life is REAL good!

I’ve been so good it was beginning to scare me.  LOL  

No, seriously, I’ve exercised everyday without fail since starting my new lifestyle regimen on the 13th of September.  Then today it all went to hell.  NOT MY FAULT!  

I drove my normal route and returned to the school; parked the bus in the garage after my return inspection like normal, but instead of heading home and exercising I had to wait for the Tsunami drill for the school.  We drove up the closest hill and lined up waiting for the entire school from ELC (Head Start School) ECAP (and the baby daycare at the Early Learning Center across the street from the school) and K-12 to walk up the hill and load onto the busses for the return to the school.  

The exercise was the first our school has had and all things considered it went quite well.
We learned for future drills we need to notify the neighbors who’s driveways we block preventing their ability to get out to go to work, and that all busses should have radios in them that can pick up the emergency radio stations for any pertinent news of the impending disasters.  We are all equipped with radios for our terminal and local police contact but not all busses have the fancy types that can pick up weather forecasts etc.
We had plenty of busses that could have taken all the school to the next staging area in the event of an actual disaster evacuation; that was good to learn.

Once I was back at the barn and able to go to my vehicle, I then had to take my grandson to the chiropractor to have his football injury fixed.  In the last game, James, hurt his neck and back tackling an opponent.  Linebackers’ occupational hazard I guess, anyway, his coach has been ragging on him to get out there and quit wimp ping out.  James does not ever wimp out.  He only yells uncle when it’s real and he can’t hack it any more.  So when this asshole coach started this crap, James was ready to quit football; the young man lives for playing sports, and even wants to be a pro player.  He spends his summers at football camp and is friends with Jake Plummer of the Cardinals. (Jake used to be a neighbor when we lived in Idaho; that’s where they met.  Since then they’ve been good friends because James has the potential and Jake has been teaching him all he could.  That’s how much James loves the game.)

The Doctor gave him a note to excuse him from any and all practices until potentially Monday the 26th.  He! He! He!  Guess whose bank account is now left with only $10.00 to finish out the month?  Yep!  Grandma’s, and his next appointment is Friday, but the Doctor was nice and dropped the fees from $35.00 a visit to $20.00, so Friday we’ll only owe him $5.00 and then on Monday the Dr. will know more about how James’ neck is doing or if he’ll need more days off sports practices.

So now the jerk coach will have to do without one of his star players through practice and two games; maybe he’ll draw in his horns and learn to treat James better; if not, he’s just liable to loose him all together.  I hope James tells the bastard where to get off and takes him to the school board for mental abuse.  Browbeating kids to please the coaches and some parents is not right, and I don’t give a damn who does it, it’s wrong.  This is the same coach that penalized James for missing (with permission from the coach) 2 hours of 1 practice, so that he could go to visit his only sister in the hospital 100 miles away.

So here it is 11:20 and I still have to exercise.  Shit!  I’d rather do it early.  Oh!  Guess what greeted me when I got home…. LOL
I had to ask to be able to get into my apartment…. the carpenters are here building new bridges and stairs on all the apartments.  I now have to walk a city block to get to and from my car that is just outside my window.  LOL Talk about exercise!  LOL
So close, but so far away.  Ah!  Ain’t life grand?

I think I’ll crank up Led Zeppelin for the carpenters and exercise my ass off.  LOL Hay, one of those guys (you know what they call carpenters don’t you…gutter sluts…my my my-my-my) eye candy in a tool belt; and, just outside my window.  Hot Damn!  Life is real good!


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