Emails for Weight Loss promote good habits!

E-mails for Weight Loss? Wow! Here's an article in the last daily newsletter I received from South Beach Diet.....

Before you delete that e-mail, consider this: A recent study published in the July/August issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion found that weekly e-mail reminders can help you eat better and lose weight.
Scientists at the University of Alberta sent weekly exercise and nutrition e-mails to 1,600 employees at five Canadian workplaces. After 12 weeks, participants reported changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior in relation to physical activity and nutrition. The results? Those who received weekly e-mails exercised more and lost weight. They also had more positive associations with the idea of physical activity. Members of the control group, who did not receive e-mails, wound up gaining a small amount of weight over the 12-week period and experienced a decline in exercise.
Consider this study the next time you open The South Beach DietÂ? Daily Dish. Just reading healthy advice on a weekly basis may be all the encouragement you need to improve your lifestyle!

You don't suppose they are just saying that to get us to go along with the program do you?
I know one thing though, their eating plan is killer in more ways than one. If your one of those people, like me, that likes just about everything on the planet considered eatable, it's nice to have some healthy guidelines to try to live by. I learned years ago that I loved the vegetarian lifestyle; however, then as now, those killer menus kill the budgets too. If your John Paul Getty or one of the Trumps, Gotti's, Bush's, Heinz,Rockefellers or such then eating like that all the time is no strain on the budget. Butt to every day Gomer's like us, it's expensive, so all the reminding in the world isn't going to make it cheaper.

It all boils down to one thing...We are all to damn lazy for our own good.
A perfect example:
Yesterday evening a bunch of South Bend football supporters got together to hold a rally for the rival game between Valley and South Bend which is being played tonight...(outcome still unknown at this time I couldn't watch the slaughter any longer, and left at half time.)

When I was in high school we held snake dances. We held hands making a big chain of people snaking through town and around the square and back to the football field; on foot. My little jerk-water town where I was raised (Carrollton, Ohio was small back then; no longer) was about five miles from the center of town out in all directions, and our chain hit through town around the square and up another main street and back to the school, which would be about 15 to 20 miles if it was walking in a straight line, but we were weaving in and out and up and down the streets the whole time, so God only knows how far we walk-danced-tugged-hollered-yelled-laughed and yanked each other. I know we were pretty well pooped out when we hit back at the school, but we had a blast! The town loved it too.
We got exercise and loved it. Each of us probably burned a couple hundred calories or more doing it.

In comparison; yesterday there was a string of vehicles forming a parade with the football teams in gaily decorated trucks; sandwiched in between balloon and sign-toting cars, trucks, and vans. We honked and flashed our lights. We all sat on our asses and burned 0 calories doing it.

Then we all went home to sit down and eat dinner and flop in front of the TV. God we have hard lives don't we?

Pass the popcorn, there's a good movie coming on about dieting.


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